Report: Utilities Are Making Significant Investments in Transmission Infrastructure

A recent study by Edison Electric Institute (EEI) states Investor-owned electric utilities in the U.S. spent $16.9 billion in 2013 to build transmission infrastructure.

The ninth annual publication of the EEI’s Transmission Projects: At a Glance  highlights a cross-section of more than 170 major transmission projects completed in 2014 or planned over the next decade.

The report suggests that about 40% of investments planned are for large, interstate transmission projects while 46% are for projects that support the integration of renewable resources. About 26% is for projects where EEI member companies are collaborating with other utilities and 66% is for high-voltage projects of 345 kV and above.

The EEI says that since publication of the first report in 2007, the risks associated with transmission development have not diminished. Read the full story by Sonal Patel on here


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