PowerWright’s Team Building Activities That Your Employees Will Love Too

Employees of successful companies must be able to work cohesively together. Team building is an essential part of that. The PowerWright team came together recently for an afternoon of fun  to participate in activities in which employees had to strategize, plan, and communicate with each other in various events. The teams were comprised of employees from different departments so that each group would be able to learn new ways to communicate with each other.

DSC_1042 DSC_1051

One activity of the day simulated the sending and receiving of communications. Details regarding a drawing were relayed from one employee to the next with the goal of duplicating the actual picture at the end of the line. See the winning drawing above!

Not only was the day an opportunity to enjoy the South Florida weather, but it was also an opportunity to teach employees about trust and communication. Being able to get away from the work place and build bonds with fellow employees helps the productive output inside the work place. The PowerWright team is now more focused and ready to work to their highest ability.

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