PowerWright joins the #ILookLikeAnEngineer movement

What does an engineer look like?

A successful Twitter campaign called #ilooklikeanengineer has answered this question. A 22-year-old female engineer named Isis Winger who started this campaign is broadening the minds of what some people perceive an engineer should look like. There is a strong female influence in the engineering workforce and through the use of social media they are speaking out against the bias that surrounds them. In the midst of the girl-power movement that is happening for female engineers, we wanted to join the campaign and highlight our company’s female engineers to show how important their roles are here at PowerWright Technologies!

Stephanie Sullivan is a Protection and Control Engineer who is responsible for relaying, protection, and communication within and between substations. She also makes sure the wiring in the substations is connected properly. She recently worked on a project to replace capacitor banks and free standing CT’s for two substations.Stephanie


Gertha Wesh is a Protection and Control Engineer who designs surveillance equipment for substations. She makes sure the cameras that are installed get every angle of the substation and that the placement of these cameras does not interfere with the cables that may be surrounding the substation. Every project she works on has different obstacles to overcome and she is responsible for coming up with the solutions to these obstacles.


Joeliz Mejia is an Engineer who has chosen the Project Management track.  She is currently a Project Manager for large P&C projects and manages our drafting and project support group. Joeliz was also the Project Manager for our 6 month new office build-out. Joeliz is seen here reviewing her team weekly staffing reports (paperless) with the president, Jaimie Wright.


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