PowerWright Goes Paperless. Here’s How You Can Go Green Too

As awareness of the importance of the preservation of the environment is increasing, incentives to “go green” have moved beyond just lowering utility bills. PowerWright is committed to supporting this environmentally friendly effort by transitioning to a paperless office.  Company President, Jaimie Wright, has long been an advocate of a paperless office and has urged employees to embrace the change.  “It’s a whole philosophy that involves creating electronic files and then the proper management of them,” he says. This paradigm shift was initially difficult for some, but now has been adopted and is as commonplace as reading and sending emails.
One example is project files. Multiple page projects (most time 25+ pages) that were once printed many times by Engineers and support staff to review and markup are now printed to PDFs for correction using markup applications on computers and on company-issued iPads. The PDFs make the storage of the files easier and, subsequently locating them, much simpler and faster.
This change in process has reduced unnecessary waste and yields savings in paper usage and on other printing materials. “Going Paperless” has not only been limited to the printing of project documents, but has extended across the entire company. Reports, proposals, meeting agendas, handouts, etc. are all communicated electronically via PDFs.
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