PowerWright Goes FLEXible

At PowerWright Technologies, we strive to be cutting-edge, not only with our services, but also with our company culture.

Work-life balance is one of the things we strive for most at PowerWright Technologies. We are client focused, quality driven, and team centered. We understand that each team member plays an integral role in our company. In addition to our monthly PowerWright office celebrations, we’ve decided to take our goal of creating work-life balance to new heights.

PowerWright Technologies is happy to announce two new programs: FLEXtime and FLEXdays. The goal of these new programs is to create a happier, more satisfying workplace by giving our team the ability to design their own work schedule as well as providing more days off in addition to their vacation days.

At PowerWright Technologies, we celebrate our differences. In fact, we thrive on them for the benefit of our employees, our clients, and our community.

This is just another added benefit of joining the PowerWright team. Interested in learning more about our career openings? Visit our Careers page

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