How to Become an Engineer: A First Year Guide

The life of an engineer is an everlasting journey of the exploration of knowledge driven by the fascination of the curious intricacies of how the world operates. Nearly every aspect of life is engineered; from the way we get around, to our artificial environments in which we thrive – even all of our entertainment is brought forth and presented by engineering. Designing the stage for humanity is an honor and a privilege every engineer must earn the rite of passage to. Many people look up how to become an engineer, but few go on to complete the journey.

For many, the beginning of the journey of becoming an engineer begins at a university where aspiring engineers are given a first glimpse into what engineering is all about. It does not take long to discover engineering is mostly applied physics and mathematics combined with a slew of approximations to create solutions which can be applied in the real world. Engineering is just not piecing things together to create a product, it is rather the process and methodology behind fabricating a solution to real-world problems.

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