How to Become an Engineer: A First Year Guide

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The life of an engineer is an everlasting journey of the exploration of knowledge driven by the fascination of the curious intricacies of how the world operates. Nearly every aspect of life is engineered; from the way we get around, to our artificial environments in which we thrive – even all of our entertainment is brought forth and presented by engineering.

PowerWright Expands its Presence in Georgia

PowerWright Technologies

PowerWright Technologies, Inc. is pleased to announce the opening of a new office in the Atlanta metro area.  This expansion will allow the Company to accommodate growth and leverage the area’s diverse talent pool.  In addition to the corporate headquarters in North Palm Beach, Florida, the new office space supports PowerWright’s growth strategy to service current and future markets.

PowerWright Goes FLEXible

PowerWright Technologies

At PowerWright Technologies, we strive to be cutting-edge, not only with our services, but also with our company culture.

Work-life balance is one of the things we strive for most at PowerWright Technologies. We are client focused, quality driven, and team centered. We understand that each team member plays an integral role in our company. In addition to our monthly PowerWright office celebrations, we’ve decided to take our goal of creating work-life balance to new heights.

PowerWright Technologies is happy to announce two new programs: FLEXtime and FLEXdays. The goal of these new programs is to create a happier, more satisfying workplace by giving our team the ability to design their own work schedule as well as providing more days off in addition to their vacation days.

At PowerWright Technologies, we celebrate our differences. In fact, we thrive on them for the benefit of our employees, our clients, and our community.

This is just another added benefit of joining the PowerWright team. Interested in learning more about our career openings? Visit our Careers page

Supplier Diversity Is Good for Everyone, Here’s Why

PowerWright Technologies

In a previous post we shared why diverse suppliers is good business. You can read that post here:

As a Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) we believe in bringing people together who share different perspectives, backgrounds, experiences, and ideas. This is one of the many things that makes us unique as a full-service Engineering and Construction/Project Management firm. After over a decade of delivering value-added design solutions for electric utilities and other industries, we’ve learned that there is strength in diversity.

The proverbial “win-win” scenario can be an elusive goal in the business world, where, competition being what it is, someone’s gain is someone else’s loss.

But that’s not true in the world of supply chains. These networks of interdependent companies are becoming both more complex and more pervasive–it’s not uncommon for even the smallest of start-ups to forge critical supply-chain partnerships with other firms from Day One.

As they do, many are following the lead of large, long-established companies by ensuring that their supply chain networks are as diverse as possible. Simply put, that means looking for companies (typically, small companies) owned by veterans, women, people with disabilities, or others who have historically been underrepresented in the world of suppliers. It can also include efforts to tap suppliers who are based in economically disadvantaged regions of the country.

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Q&A with CEO on PowerWright Technologies Rebrand

PowerWright Technologies

How has the identity of PowerWright changed over the past ten years?


Jaimie Wright: The redesign is the first major overhaul of PowerWright’s visual identity in ten years. This includes a reimagined logo, new website and packaging; all of which are a part of the larger brand evolution underway at PowerWright Technologies. The lion; emphasizes pride, strength and leadership which are at the core of our corporate culture. Our identity has been reengineered, while PowerWright still holds true to being client focused and quality driven.


PowerWright Technologies has expanded rapidly over the past decade. Under your leadership, PowerWright has become a leader in the Engineering and Construction Management space. Only yesterday the company announced a new partnership with Palm Beach State College, and expanded its services to a new area of engineering. What qualities do you look for in your leaders to take you in this new direction?


Jaimie Wright: I feel very proud to be able to work with some of the best Engineers in the industry. We like to think of our team at PowerWright as a family. Our leaders need to be collaborative, creative and adaptable, because that’s how this company continues to grow while holding true to our core.


Your new brand identity incorporates a cleaner, modern design. What was the design inspiration?


Jaimie Wright: The ten-year-old logo no longer reflected the direction of PowerWright. We have refreshed our logo to mirror who we are today and symbolize our dynamic future. We are proud of our history, which is why our new brand identity retains core elements including the color palette and slogan. Our business has grown and evolved, and we felt it was time for a change.

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